Who’s this ne’er-do-well?

I am a singularly flawed human who somehow, through some combination of strength of will and idiocy of fate, managed to survive the public housing projects of Southside Chicago. I currently live in the greater Seattle area. I am a United States Navy Veteran, as well as a bumbling father, a clueless husband, and a reluctant IT guy. My skills and hobbies include practiced observing, shiftless daydreaming, and passionate windmill-chasing. Sometimes, I write poems.

For what it’s worth, I am a man. I have at least that much figured out. The rest, we’ll have to sort out through this blog. I welcome feedback, suggestions, constructive criticism, donations, etc… Shout-outs, and reposts are also welcome, as long as I’m properly attributed. My name is Barry Dawson Jr. IV, and I am the author of all posts on this site unless I indicate otherwise.


2015-09-06 14.42.38

Hephaestus’ Waste*

Hephaestus strained,
stumbled on lame foot
while smithing
warhammers for
warring gods,
blowing bellows
into the kiln,
spark begetting
cosmic inferno,
fusing hydrogen
into helium-ash,
photons flying
in all directions,
consumed by flora,
discarding oxygen
inhaled by man,
exhaled into
a poem.

*This poem was originally posted on my previous blog.