Of Me & Words That Break

More amazing work from my friend trE. I wish I had written this.

a cornered gurl

Norfolk, Virginia. In the backseat of my friend’s car side-eyeing after some tedious dental work. Ugh.

A little birdie whispers,
“Someone said you
Broke their heart”
And I do not deny
My flaws.
Apologetic by nature,
If it hangs in purgatory,
No home or
Landing space,

I leave it there for later.
Maybe it’ll be retrieved.
I am love, spilling
Out of a full vessel,
Sometimes unsure of who
To choose–
Knowing mistakes don’t
Always rectify themselves.

I lose some fights.
I gain the wins that matter,
But when words can
Bend a soul
And break a person
In two,
I wonder

Am I really
Healing more
Than harming?

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